Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Silly me!

Hello to folks who may be reading this...
I kinda jumped off the ship for a few months and did some regrouping. I had no idea until today that I had any comments on my posts, so I wanted to come by, say hello, and thank everyone who took the time to leave thoughtful and encouraging comments.

Silly me, I need to go into the settings and have my comments emailed to me so I can get them on time and reply to them!

Anyway, I wanted to get in an update because we all know a week in the blogosphere is like two years... I'm not gonna do the math here, but three months = a long-ass time.

I can't guarantee that I'll post here super often. This is mostly a work of fiction with some real life experiences thrown in, and the muse comes by for coffee and cigarettes when she's in the mood for that kinda thing.

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